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Congress approves face lift of quarters, a `gold’ dollar coin

SHARE Congress approves face lift of quarters, a `gold’ dollar coin

Legislation headed to President Clinton authorizes the treasury secretary to create a gold-colored dollar to replace the Susan B. Anthony dollar as well as new quarters honoring the 50 states.

Beginning in 1999, the Treasury would issue five new quarters a year, each commemorating a state, according to the measure, approved by a voice vote Thursday by the House. The states would be honored in the order they entered the union."This program will not only be educational for people of all ages and promote pride among our states, but it will make getting change a lot more interesting," said Rep. Michael Castle, R-Del., sponsor of the legislation.

The head of George Washington would remain on one side of the quarters, with the other side, now carrying the American eagle, to carry designs distinctive to the states. They would be designed by the treasury secretary together with state officials, the Citizens Commemorative Coin Advisory Committee and the Commission on Fine Arts.

The bill does not say who or what should replace suffragist Susan B. Anthony on the face of the dollar coin. That design is left up to the Treasury secretary. Paper dollars will continue to be printed.