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Highway’s legacy? Sprawl

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Stop Legacy Highway.

It is particularly disturbing to see Gov. Leavitt persist in this sprawl-inducing highway, eliminating more open space. Gov. Leavitt has taken a stand to not interfere regarding the need to balance power, between our state and our towns, cities and counties, which have no self-control over halting sprawl, by themselves; they are each in competition to grab as much tax-producing property as possible, and this Legacy Highway only adds fuel to the fire, at least without stern state or regional government planners in place, not UDOT.Many of us in the architectural and design profession who are conservative and liberal know this road or at least the tendency of looking to roads as a solution to growth and development to be in great error.

We are quite fortunate here along the Wasatch Front for growth to be so linear, making mass transit that much more effective.

The taxes to maintain as well as build these highways is out of control in relation to our population, when compared to the tax burden of equal mass transit ridership. It should be noted that UDOT is pro roads, and they are in control. Highways and freeways are the only things they understand, and it's all they care about.

Bruce B. Allen

Salt Lake City