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Television news is garbage

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Here's a novel idea. Why don't our local television news stations actually start covering news? When I turn on the news these days I feel like I'm watching the Maury Povich show. It is beginning to amaze me.

For example, Channel 2 apparently feels the need to use mindless gimmicks like their "reel to reel" segment. It covers absolutely nothing important and belongs on shows that are already complete wastes of time, like "Entertainment Tonight."Channel 13 uses several pathetic segments. My favorite is "World in a Minute." Its purpose is to see how fast they can gloss over the important news and return to the ever-so-important celebrity gossip.

Channel 4 is hardly worth mentioning. They have been a fully tabloid show for several years already. As far as I can tell, "Inside Edition" serves as their ideal model for emulation. Channel 5, our last hope, is unfortunately becoming more and more like the others. It seems that if five people get together to protest something insignificant, we can still expect the local news to cover it extensively. On the other hand, if one of the few great statesmen of our time, Shimon Peres, speaks at the university, we can expect our news stations to devote a maximum of 15 seconds covering it.

Why has the main purpose of the local news shows become entertainment? Should it not be to inform? Why not try to produce a half hour of intelligent news coverage? There is already an overflowing heap of Ricki Lake-like tabloid garbage out there. Don't add more under the name of news, please.

Maybe I should just rely on newspapers.

H. Romney

Salt Lake City