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Polysophical Society plans a renaissance for Brigham City

SHARE Polysophical Society plans a renaissance for Brigham City

Jerry Ohman remembers how Brigham City used to be and envisions what it could be again.

"This was a humming, strumming, bubbly community," said Ohman, who recently returned after working in California for about 30 years.Not anymore, he said. Now it's a bedroom community that has gone to sleep, and he wants to give it a wake-up call. So Ohman and eight others have created the Polysophical Society, named after a group created in the 1800s by Brigham City pioneer Lorenzo Snow.

Their goal is to make Brigham City a cultural arts center, with artist studios, galleries and summer events and an array of festivals.

Park City was reborn as a ski resort, and look at it now, said mayor-elect David Kano, who supports Ohman's plan. "I think it can be done."

Grant Wilson is manager of Images, one of the city's three galleries. But Images has been struggling to stay open, losing much of its space to a more lucrative karate studio and now visitors must make appointments to stroll through because the gallery can't afford a full-time staff.

Ohman figures it will take 10 years and cooperation and money from local businesses, county and city government agencies and private groups to see his dream fulfilled.