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Diana’s butler to help plan her memorial

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Princess Diana's butler and confidant is to be appointed to the committee that decides what sort of permanent memorial the nation erects in her memory, Prime Minister Tony Blair's office said Saturday.

Paul Burrell, 39, a trucker's son from northeast England, worked for the princess for nine years, and she reportedly referred to him as "my rock."He was the only person outside Diana's family allowed to attend her burial at the Spencers' Althorp estate near Northampton in central England on Sept. 6. Diana died in a Paris car wreck on Aug. 31.

A Downing Street spokesman confirmed that Treasury chief Gordon Brown will this week name Burrell as one of the 10 members of the government committee to decide on her memorial.

"He was very close to the princess," said the spokesman, speaking anonymously.

Brown will serve as chairman of the committee, which will consider a range of suggestions for a permanent memorial to Diana.