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Demand edited R movies

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I was thrilled to read the letter to the editor in the Sunday paper by John Johansen concerning a person's choice to be allowed to view edited movies and videos. I was currently trying to get permission to pass around a petition in the seminaries and institutes that I intended to send to the motion picture studios. Unfortunately this was turned down.

I have viewed edited versions of current R-rated movies on plane trips and found many of these to be basically wonderful shows teaching a good moral. If these are available to the airlines, why can't they be made available to the general public? I would like to be allowed the choice to rent or go to a movie theater and see the edited version. I feel the only way this is going to happen is if we can help the motion picture studios see that there is a market for this. Money speaks. I already have made up petitions, if there is anyone interested in canvassing their neighborhoods and then mailing these petitions to the major studios. You can contact me and I'd love to send you a copy of my petition. I think it would make a wonderful Laurels or Eagles project. What do you think? I feel this is a concern to the religious community as a whole. Even though I am LDS, I have many friends of other faiths that feel the same way I do. Instead of talking about it, let's band together and all do something.Sherrie M. Rudy