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SnakeWell’s fat-free snacks taste dry and gritty to some

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SnackWell's newest low-fat treats are Chocolate Peanut-butter Chip Cookies - $2.09 for the 7.5-ounce package.

Nihla Lake (married, two children at home): "Any resemblance between the cookies pictured on the box and the product inside is purely accidental. It takes 13 cookies (one serving) to figure out the flavor. We couldn't get too excited about these even when we kept repeating, `low-fat, low-fat, low-fat' and hunting for that `rich peanut butter taste.' "Edyth Jensen (married, one daughter and two grandkids at home): "These cookies didn't go over very well. Some of the younger grandchildren would eat them but the rest of us felt like the cookies were too dry and the flavor was too strong. They won't be on our shopping list."

Don Russell (married, five children at home, ages 6-16): "These little cookies grew on me a little. At first I was intrigued by their small size, but they were rather dry and reminded me of a small ginger snap. As I ate more and more, the peanut butter flavor started to grow on me. These cookies should still be gobbled up by young and old at most households, but SnackWells has many better products than this one."

Linda C. Tingey (single mother, two sons at home): "My 21-year-old son got to these and only left a handful for the grandkids. The cookies are the perfect little-kid size. The one that I got to taste was very crunchy and I liked the peanut butter chips. But one, itty-bitty cookie was not enough."

Rich Firmage (married, four children, oldest 12 years old): "These are pretty good. The cookies are small, about the same diameter as a quarter. They're not the best cookie I've ever had, but not the worst either. They do have a pretty good peanut butter taste, like the package says.

"I would like to know who figures out the serving size on the side of every package. Is this done by a panel like the movie ratings? Who decided that there are 13 little cookies in a serving size? Last week there were 51 little Pepperidge Farm fishes in one serving. That's a lot of fish. My 2 1/2-year-old was putting them in so fast I couldn't keep track. But I don't think he had 51. I think if you ate 51 you'd be sick of them for a long time. You would really have to like these little cookies to eat 13 at one time. I didn't. I was done at three."

Bill Allred (married): "Here's the thing. You could eat one really good peanut butter cookie . . . say, one from the local company `All My Cookies.' Or even a peanut butter cookie from a school lunch room somewhere. (Those were always the best ones. You know, the cookies with the crisscross marks made by a fork on the top.) Or, you could eat a handful of these SnackWells. It's like eating a handful of sand. These cookies taste gritty and dry."

Conclusion: You might really like these cookies. But then you might also find they're too dry and gritty. Those who are counting fat grams may decide it's worth the trade-off.