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Layton finishes paving road, looks to future

SHARE Layton finishes paving road, looks to future

The asphalt is barely dry on the city's new one-mile extension of West Hill Field Road, but already Layton looks ahead to the future alignment of an additional highway extension.

The city finished paving the extension earlier this fall from the industrial park to 2200 West and the new Ellison Park. Now, because of a new sewer line planned by the North Davis Sewer District in the area, city planners are looking at the alignment of West Hill Field Road from 2200 West to 2700 West.Scott Carter, Layton director of economic development, said the city wants to be sure the sewer line will end up under the street. However, a straight road is not possible because of the power line corridor that crosses the farming area.

The city is studying five proposed alignments for the road.

The city has no funding to build the extension, and Carter said the project is not in city's near-future planning.