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Centerville Mayor

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Frank Hirschi

Citing a background in agriculture, recreation, and civic leadership, Frank W. Hirschi said he answered the call when many of his fellow Centerville residents asked him to run for mayor.

Hirschi served three terms in the Idaho Legislature, one term on the Centerville City Council in the late 1970s that was interrupted by a call to be an LDS Church mission president and helped administer the church's education system in the emerging Russian and Eastern European areas.

"I felt I could provide a proven, mature leadership into the 21st century," Hirschi said. "With my background, I'm confident that we can organize the city government and citizens to solve immediate as well as ongoing issues.

"Being retired, I have time to provide the leadership needed."

Hirschi added, "The next four years will be critical for Centerville. We live in a changing world and effective organization of the city and citizens will be necessary to provide protection against increasing crime, drugs, gangs, and abuse.

"We (the mayor and council) are the electorate of the city and thus will provide efficient and effective leadership in all departments back to our citizens as far as the law allows."

Doug E. Nielsen

With big issues and major change facing his community over the next four years, incumbent Centerville City Councilman Doug Nielsen believes he has the experience and leadership qualities the city needs.

Nielsen, 43, has served two terms on the council in addition to stints as a planning commission and board of adjustments member.

Issues of growth, especially the location of the proposed Legacy Highway through west Centerville, and change in the city's leadership prompted Nielsen to run for mayor.

Current Mayor Priscilla Todd is not running for re-election; Nielsen will be going off the council, as will incumbent councilman Steve Mangel, who's not running for re-election; and 11-year veteran city manager David Hales recently left for another job.

"I am the only candidate for mayor with any relevant recent experience dealing with issues facing the city right now," Nielsen said.

"I believe I can bring continuity and perspective that will be necessary to deal effectively with issues that are virtually on our doorstep.

"I'm a candidate because I think right now is the right time to stay up to speed on critical issues. As a new mayor I won't have a steep and potentially costly learning curve."