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Senate leader gives Clinton testing plan an `F’

SHARE Senate leader gives Clinton testing plan an `F’

Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott on Saturday branded President Clinton's plan for national testing "the educational equivalent of an IRS for the classroom."

Delivering the weekly GOP radio address, the Mississippi Republican played on widespread public resentment toward the Internal Revenue Service - a top Republican theme this fall."Most parents - and I count myself among them - do not want agents of the federal government devising those tests, making all students take them or passing judgment on the results," Lott said.

"Local teacher testing, not dictated by Washington, D.C., will make sure that every school has first-rate teachers - because every American child is a first-rate child," Lott said in the address.

Clinton says national tests are needed to set a fixed standard so parents can judge how their children and schools are doing in reading and math.

Opponents argue that such tests would lead to a national curriculum and loss of local control over education.