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Egyptian mom of 6 baby girls is hopping mad

SHARE Egyptian mom of 6 baby girls is hopping mad

The birth of a child often brings great joy, but when an Egyptian woman delivered no fewer than six girls, she was furious.

Amal Abdel-Fattah, 27, believed she had been misled by her doctor, who had told her to expect twins.She was "hysterical and extremely angry," said officials at Cairo's Heliopolis Hospital, where the sextuplets were born Friday.

The children are healthy and in stable condition, weighing between 4.4 and 4.95 pounds, hospital officials said.

What made the birth even more surprising is the fact that Abdel-Fattah had conceived while still breast-feeding her firstborn, said hospital sources.

Meanwhile, another mother also had a large delivery in Cairo.

Samia Ahmed Ibrahim, also 27, gave birth to four boys - and she was delighted. Ibrahim has named her quadruplets Mohamed, Hosni, Mubarak - the names of Egypt's president - and Barakat.