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Billboards aren’t all bad

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The purpose of this letter is to provide balance in the present discussions as to whether the ordinance governing placement of billboards should be changed. It seems popular at the moment to decry billboards as inherently distasteful and therefore deserving of curtailment.

Billboards themselves are simply an advertising media, just like the newspapers, radio or television. As such, they boost commerce, creating jobs for the people who build and maintain the structure, print or paint the advertisements, create the campaigns and manufacture the goods or provide the services advertised.Meanwhile, a well-designed billboard can remind us of actions we should take, as in the recent organ donation campaign, or in events we should see, such as the Masada exhibit at BYU. Some billboards even bring a smile as we sit in endless traffic.

While I don't advocate unlimited signage as is seen in some international locations, I think we're a long way form saturating commercial areas with billboard structures.

Todd Schwendiman