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Layden gets communicator award

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Frank Layden, president of the Utah Jazz, has received the Parry D. Sorensen Communicator of the Year Award from the Utah chapters of the Public Relations Society of America and the International Association of Business Communicators.

The award, presented Wednesday during a luncheon in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, goes to a person in Utah who is an effective communicator but not a professional public relations or communications practitioner.Here are the other awards presented during the event in Division One, Communication Programs:

- Community Relations Programs, bronze, FJC&N.

- Institutional programs, bronze, Jill Schwartz.

- Special events and observances of seven days and less, gold and silver, FJC bronze, Politis Communications.

- Special events and observances of more than seven days, gold, Wilkinson Ferrari & Co.

- Public service programs, gold, Lisa Kalantzes; silver, FJC&N and Wilkinson Ferrari; bronze, KSL.

- Media relations programs, gold, Wilkinson Ferrari; silver, Nu Skin International and Wilkinson Ferrari; bronze, Wilkinson Ferrari and Bremer Public Relations.

- Investor relations programs, silver, Autoliv Inc.

- Identify campaigns, gold, Politis; silver, Bremer; bronze, Politis.

Awards in Divison 2, communications components (skills) went to:

- Newsletters, gold, Penna Powers Cutting & Haynes; silver, Nu Skin International (twice); bronze, Medicode Inc.

- Annual reports, gold, First Security Corp.; silver, Nu Skin; bronze, Salt Lake Area Chamber of Commerce.

- One-to-three color magazines, bronze, Westminster College.

- Full-color magazines, gold and silver, University of Utah; bronze, Roger Roper.

- Newspapers, gold, Utah Association of Realtors; bronze, Nile Easton.

- Booklets, gold, FJC silver and bronze, Nu Skin.

- Press kits/ press materials, gold, PPC&H and Candice Steelman; silver, FJC&N and Wilkinson Ferrari; bronze, Bremer.

- Brochures, gold, U. of U.; silver, PPC bronze, Autoliv and Quaker State/Q Lube, Kenny Thomas.

- Invitations, cards, announcements, gold, PPC silver, FJC&N (twice); bronze, FJC&N.

- Direct mail, gold, FJC&N and PPC silver, FJC&N and Politis; bronze, FJC&N.

- Other publications; gold, U. of U.; silver, Utah Department of Community and Economic Development; bronze, First Security Corp.

- One-time video productions, gold, Wilkinson Ferrari; silver, FJC bronze, Autoliv and Intermountain Health Care.

- On-going video presentation, gold, KSL.

- Audio only program, gold, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; bronze, KSL.

- Photography/illustration, gold, FJC silver, FJC&N and PPC bronze, FJC&N.

- Organizational identity, logotype, gold, PPC silver, U. of U.; bronze, FJC&N.

- Writing, features and editorials, gold, First Security; silver, Bonneville International and Bremer, PPC&H, U. of U.; bronze, FJC&N and Politis.

- Special project writing, gold, FJC silver, First Security and Wilkinson Ferrari; bronze, FJC&N.

- Electronic communications, World Wide Web home page, gold and silver, PPC bronze, Mataya Design.

- CD-ROM, LDS Church.