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JERUSALEM - A Palestinian man was killed in an explosion at his home in the West Bank village of Rafat, Israeli radio said. The radio said police were investigating whether the man was preparing an explosive device.


BOGOTA - Attackers suspected of being right-wing paramilitaries ambushed a hamlet near Bogota, killing at least 14 people, police said.

BOGOTA - Authorities seized more than 300 properties belonging to slain drug boss Jose Santacruz Londono and his allies in a raid. Agents took over 43 ranches, 68 apartments, 103 parking garages, real estate agencies and construction companies.

BOGOTA - The New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists accused President Ernesto Samper Friday of stirring up violence against journalists and urged him to create safe working conditions for the media in Colombia.


OTTAWA - A top Canadian official held out the possibility Friday of government intervention to end a strike by the nation's postal workers. The strike by 45,000 postal workers began Wednesday after dozens of wildcat walkouts had already crippled Canada Post, the federal mail service.


AMSTERDAM - A man slashed a painting by American abstract expressionist artist Barnett Newman in Amsterdam's Stedelijk Museum, police said.


DIYARBAKIR - Ten Kurdish separatist guerrillas and two government troops have been killed in clashes in southeast Turkey in the past two days, security officials said.


PLEINE-FOUGERES - French investigators took DNA samples from a second set of men in a village in Brittany, hoping the tests will help them find the killer of a 13-year-old English girl.

United Arab Emirates

DUBAI - The leader of Iran's judiciary warned an anti-government cleric Friday to stop questioning the legitimacy of Iran's leadership - or else.


QUITO - Flooding and mudslides caused by torrential rains have killed 27 people in Ecuador the past three weeks, police said Friday. An estimated 10,000 people have been left homeless or had their homes severely damaged by the rains.


HANOI - Shaken by protests by central Vietnam's farmers, the premier pledged Friday to fight corruption in local governments and warned of a growing gap between the urban rich and rural poor.


ROME - The Italian coast guard recovered a dinghy with five dead Albanians aboard and said as many as 12 others were feared lost at sea. The five, including a child, presumably died from dehydration and exposure, said coast guard spokesman Cosimo Carbone.


CAIRO - The bodies of 10 Japanese tourists killed in an Islamic militant attack at a Pharaonic temple were flown out of Egypt, accompanied by relatives.


NEW DELHI - Leaders of India's ruling coalition rejected demands to drop a governing partner, raising political tensions and the possibility of early elections.

Puerto Rico

SAN JUAN - A federal grand jury has charged four Cubans with illegal possession of arms and lying to authorities - but makes no mention of allegations they planned to assassinate Cuban President Fidel Castro.