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Police trace court-bomb warnings to S.L. phone booths

SHARE Police trace court-bomb warnings to S.L. phone booths

Police have released the locations where two calls were made to dispatchers regarding an explosive device placed in the parking lot of the downtown court complex last week.

The first call came in to dispatchers about 2:45 p.m. Nov. 13. It was from a man and originated from a pay phone at Cedars of Lebanon restaurant, 154 E. 200 South.The man told police a bomb would go off at the courthouse. Ten minutes later, a homemade explosive device detonated under a ramp to the second story of the parking garage behind the 3rd District Court building, 400 S. 200 East.

No one was injured in the blast, which did very little damage.

Police dispatchers received a second call at 3:14 p.m. saying another bomb was located at the courthouse. The caller was a male who was on a pay phone in front of the Washboard Laundromat, 66 F St.

To be safe, both district court buildings were evacuated until police thoroughly searched the area. They didn't find any other explosive devices.

Moments before the parking garage blast, several people told police they saw a man acting "suspicious" near the parking garage. He was leaning up against a wall smoking a cigarette.

The man is described as dark complected, between the ages of 35 and 40, with a medium build -5-feet-10-inches to 6-feet tall - and dark brown hair. He was wearing a black, nylon-hooded coat with white sleeves and blue jeans.

He may have been driving a two-door hatchback with rust spots.

Anyone with information is asked to call either detective Steve Wooldridge at 799-3454 or dispatch at 799-3000.