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A guide to boarders’ lingo: it’s bad - and that’s good

SHARE A guide to boarders’ lingo: it’s bad - and that’s good

Vocabulary says more about an individual than nearly anything else, and teenagers are individuals, too. Snowboarders and skateboarders have some words that are strictly their own, and they have redefined some others.

On the mountain or at the mall, you will inevitably hear essential phrases such as:Shred: Snowboard with finesse and speed.

Hella: Very.

Hardline: (Not to be confused with a drug-related term.) To snowboard straight down the mountain, no turning. A scary image for timid skiers in their way.

Gnarly: Difficult, as a difficult boarding trick.

Eat it: When you crash (also a parody Weird Al Yankovick did on Michael Jackson's "Beat It.")

Ollie: Flipping up the skateboard and jumping down on the back of it.

Grinding: Sliding down star railings on the board.

Word: Said as a single "word" or in conjunction with other phrases like "word up." Generally denotes an affirmation or confirmation of the situation.

Down with that: Basically "I'm OK and accept that proposition."

My bad: A simple phrase said at various intervals to accept responsibility in a cute and playful manner without really taking responsibility.

Bad: As in good, usually used for lack of any vocabulary whatsoever.

Stoked: Excited.

'Diss: Taken from the root "disrespect." Used in phrases such as "Don't 'diss my nose ring."

Rager: A noun referring to a "raging" party. Example: "I'm stoked for the rager this weekend."

I'm outie: Not to be confused with a luxury automobile or belly button; essentially an economical way of saying, "I'm leaving" or "I'm out of here."

Da-bomb: The best, generally in reference to a person.

Dope: An explicit term in referring to something acceptable . . . or inhalable.

As if: A term made popular by "Clueless" expressing an inability to complete a given task. Usually said by itself in cases like, "I have a great vocabulary." Response: "As if!"