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Invade Iraq, stop Saddam

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Seven year ago the United Nations, led by the United States, imposed heavy economic restrictions on the nation of Iraq to lead to the overthrow of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein. These sanctions have failed. Saddam is still in power. More than 750,000 innocent Iraqi people, mainly women and children, have died due to malnutrition. This result puts the blood of those people on the hands of every Republican and Democrat who has supported these sanctions, along with the foreign parties of other nations. This has put the United States of America in the same boat as Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union and Red China.

Now President Clinton wants to put new sanctions on Iraq due to Saddam's recent show of force. News flash to Clinton: Sanctions do not work.The only way to get rid of Saddam is to invade Iraq now, overthrow Saddam once and for all, put him on trial for war crimes, and proclaim Iraq as America's 51st state so a new dictator doesn't come to power.

This is the only way. New sanctions would only kill more innocent Iraqis and put more blood on our nation's history. We cannot afford to have a weak president who will not do anything but wish for a "peaceful resolve," as Clinton has been doing.

We must act now, or else Hitler and Stalin will end up looking like kindergarten teachers compared to what Saddam has in store for the world and, in particular, the American people.

Matthew Randquist