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Davis has double-taxed some Farmington sites

SHARE Davis has double-taxed some Farmington sites

A new property owner in Farmington discovered what apparently went unnoticed for two decades by scores of people.

Gary Daniels looked at this year's tax notice and discovered he was being billed for services provided by the Weber Basin Water Conservancy District. He was also being levied for services provided by Farmington Irrigation District.In tax terms, it can be one, but it can't be both.

Turns out about three dozen parcels of property in the Farmington area have been doubled-taxed for about 20 years.

The error is confined to some property owners within Tax District 24 of the Farmington Irrigation District. It's been costing a typical property owner about $60 a year.

Daniels, who owns some storage sheds at 523 W. 100 North, noticed the double-billing and brought it to the attention of Davis County authorities.

At the County Commission meeting earlier this week, employees said the error had originally been made about 20 years ago and had since gone undetected.

Davis County Treasurer Mark Altom said employees in his office, the assessor's office and the recorder's office are researching records to provide refunds.

"It's a joint venture," Altom said.

The treasurer said residents should check this year's notices, but refunds will be automatic, prompted without initiative from taxpayers who have been double-billed.

Daniels, who bought his property in September 1996, said the error wasn't costly, but wanted it rectified.