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Teacher wins suit against her attacker

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An Ogden teacher who was assaulted by an angry parent earlier this year has been awarded $5,000 in a civil lawsuit against the man.

Sharon Schneider, a Safe School teacher in the Ogden School District, said she was working at the district office on Feb. 27 when parent Dan Krzemski hit her on the head with the heel of his hand, knocking her to the floor."There are other ways to settle disagreements with children's teachers, and violence and intimidation are not the way to do it," Schneider said after being awarded $1,500 in the 2nd District Court civil suit.

She was also awarded $3,500 to cover medical costs caused by Krzemski's blows.

Schneider said Krzemski came to her office to turn in his son's homework on the way to a due-process hearing for his son. She said Krzemski was visibly upset when she told him she couldn't help him with the hearing.

He followed her to her office, where she said she tried to shut the door. He forced the door open and hit her five times on the head with the heel of his hand, then hit her under the chin, lifting her up and throwing her into a wall.

Krzemski was convicted in early September of Class B misdemeanor assault. He will be sentenced Jan. 16. He declined comment on the civil-suit ruling.