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Police close escort firm, seize client list

SHARE Police close escort firm, seize client list

An escort service operating out of a small, white duplex in a South Salt Lake neighborhood was shut down by police Monday afternoon.

Police arrested a 33-year-old woman at 326 E. Utopia Ave. and confiscated a green index file filled with names and phone numbers of men who had called to order escort services, South Salt Lake Police Sgt. Beau Babka said.The box contained about 50 men's names, along with descriptions of their physical appearance, the types of cars they drive and their occupations. In some cases the cards also included the names of the women who had provided services to the men and how much the men were charged, detective Daniel Spjut said.

Police were still uncertain about the extent of the activity that took place in the home. Police estimated the service employed between 10 and 20 women. The service was advertised in the classified section of local newspapers as Explicit Private Pleasure.

South Salt Lake detectives plan to go through the names and phone numbers in the index file and attempt to contact and cite the so-called "johns" who they believe purchased sexual services, Spjut said.

Police were tipped off by neighbors who reported suspicious activity at the residence, most likely prostitution, Babka said. South Salt Lake police shut down another escort service operating out of the same residence about nine months ago.

Shannon Dye, who lives next door, said that she noticed a steady stream of men and cars coming and going from the house at all hours. Dye, the block captain for the neighborhood's watch program, said she is happy that police have finally put a stop to the activity.

"I have had a lot of concerns about what was going on over there. I even had some of (the men) come up to my door," said Dye who has lived in the neighborhood for eight years. "It's been a horror story. I'm thrilled the police were finally able to do something."

But other neighbors say police claims that a prostitution service was operated out of the home are unfounded.

"They are friends of mine. They're really good, nice people. I go grocery shopping with them sometimes," said Jacob Lenaburg, who lives in the duplex to the east. "I know all my neighbors, and if there was something like that going on, I would have known."

Police cited Nora Dummer for allegedly operating a sexually oriented business without a license.