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LONDON - A British family that lost a young girl, her mother and her grandmother in last week's Luxor Temple massacre has received two mistakenly identified bodies, a coroner said.


DUBLIN - A man whom police suspect of shooting to death a top Irish investigative reporter was jailed for 20 years on marijuana trafficking charges. It was the longest sentence ever imposed by an Irish court for such an offense, according to Irish media.

Northern Ireland

BELFAST - A leading pro-British "loyalist" was seriously ill Friday after an overnight shooting in Northern Ireland that was widely blamed not on Irish republicans but on other Protestants loyal to London.


BOGOTA - Members of a suspected right-wing paramilitary group killed seven peasants Friday in raids on two villages in a rural area of northern Colombia, police said.


KINSHASA - Army units clashed near the presidential palace and barracks in the Congolese capital, killing at least 18 soldiers, news reports said. Military sources said some of the gunfire could be related to the arrest Tuesday of a former aide to the Central African nation's ruler.


GENEVA - Four helicopters urgently needed to rescue Somalis stranded after major floods that have claimed 1,472 lives are still in the United States, the United Nations said. The helicopters remain in Seattle because of problems with Customs.


MEXICO CITY - Tens of thousands of Mexicans are expected to turn out Saturday for an unprecedented march against violence and crime that has become enemy No. 1 of this sprawling metropolis.


BUJUMBURA - The trial in Burundi of 79 people accused of killing the country's first elected Hutu president resumed. The trial was denounced by Hutu politicians on the grounds that unnamed people who should take the blame were being protected.


TOKYO - A Japanese oil broker charged with bribery and tax evasion told Parliament that Foreign Minister Keizo Obuchi and two key ruling party members received financial contributions from him.


ZURICH - Swiss banks' check of Holocaust-era accounts has turned up capital belonging to communist revolutionary Vladimir Lenin - $8.90 apparently once intended to pay his party dues.


ISLAMABAD - Pakistan's embattled chief justice sought army protection for the Supreme Court on Friday after a mob stormed the courthouse, forcing him to adjourn a contempt of court hearing against Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.


HONG KONG - The leader of Hong Kong's most popular political party said Friday that government proposals to sharply raise the ceiling on campaign spending are aimed at bankrupting his pro-democracy party.

Czech Republic

PRAGUE - Pressure mounted on Prime Minister Vaclav Klaus to resign, after two allies called on him to step down as party chairman over a campaign finance scandal.


TAIPEI - Taiwan voters went to the polls to elect new mayors and magistrates in local government elections seen as a test for the ruling Nationalist Party's grass-roots support.