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Work with other faiths, Protestant group told

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Protestant churches that are active in world missionary work should cooperate more with evangelicals and Pentecostals and, if necessary, with members of other faiths, a major gathering on missions last weekend in Rotterdam was told.

The gathering was organized by the two main Protestant churches in the Netherlands to mark the forthcoming 200th anniversary, on Dec. 19, of missionary work by Dutch Protestants.The Dutch Missionary Society (Nederlands Zendelingen Genootschap) was established on Dec. 19, 1797, by the Dutch physician Johannes Theodorus van der Kamp who, after being saved from a shipwreck, founded the society with 20 other people for the "propagation and promotion of Christianity, in particular among heathens."

Every year about 100,000 people leave the established churches, whereas the churches catering to migrants in the Netherlands are growing.