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Push to impeach is a sham

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I received a letter in the mail stating that a Sen. Danmeyer is in the process of beginning proceedings to impeach President Clinton. The letter listed all of the offenses they believe Clinton is and was involved in and then told me that the process would begin in the House of Representatives.

This letter is not signed by this senator, but from the director of an organization called "COPAC," or The Coalition of Politically Active Citizens. Of course they asked for money. I wondered how a senator would start proceedings in the Congress.I called Jim Hansen's office and they knew nothing about this. I called Sen. Hatch's office and they knew nothing about this. They both told me that there was no Senator or Congressman Danmeyer. I knew however that I had heard his name in the news in the past.

I called the Congressional Judiciary Committee office (Chairman Henry Hyde from Illinois) and was told the following: "Ex-Senator Danmeyer is writing a book stating the reasons why Clinton should be impeached. They want your money to get his book published. We (the Judiciary Committee) have received a lot of petitions for impeachment, and I am sure many people have given money. We have looked into this and there is nothing we can do about it. If you send your money to them, I would say that you are not as intelligent as you sound."

I said, "I know that nothing can be done about impeachment until he is found guilty of these crimes." I was then told that, "You are the first person that has called who seems to understand this," and then continued, "People read and understand what they want to understand."

This made me upset that our citizens are being bilked. I am writing this letter under the advice of Sen. Hatch's office so our citizens will realize this is a sham.

Peggy Smith