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Faith and sense, not fears

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How comforting it is to know that legions of Gayle Ruzicka groupies are thriving within the boundaries of the Nebo School District. Just how many of these paragons of virtue will it take to determine who is morally fit or unfit to teach? And just what will determine the "proper community morals"? It's safe to assume that the majority of Spanish Fork residents don't smoke, drink or watch R-rated movies on Sunday. Will engaging in any or all of these activities bring down the almighty wrath of the god-fearing "morals committee" upon the head of the "gentile"?

I hope that the intelligent citizens of Spanish Fork will not allow the overzealous actions of a rabid minority to interfere with the untarnished career and privacy of a fellow taxpayer, and fine teacher. Please don't allow unbridled and unfounded fears to overshadow your faith in your children and your own common sense.Mary E. Benson