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Tapes scoop dirt on the father of our country, by George!

SHARE Tapes scoop dirt on the father of our country, by George!

So what's the big deal over the JFK and other presidential tapes? Now it's Seymour Hersh who is citing tapes among other sources (but not the Marilyn Monroe "correspondence") in his new book on Kennedy.

You want tapes? I'll give you tapes. Of George Washington. Bought them from a guy on Eighth Avenue:Nov. 29, 1790

Patrick Henry gives the president his morning briefing.

PH (Gravely): Mr. President, a reporter lurking around your boyhood home has found something potentially damaging.

GW: What is it?

PH: A fallen cherry tree.

GW (Nervously): That seems innocent enough.

PH: Sir, a hatchet was found nearby. (Pause.) I'm afraid Jefferson has threatened to tell the press everything unless you put his face on the eagerly anticipated $2 bill.

March 3, 1793

Washington meets with advisers.

GW: I will challenge the American people to land a man on the moon by the turn of the century! (The room is silent.) Whaddaya think? Pretty cool, huh?

Alexander Hamilton: Sir, our boys haven't even invented trains yet.

GW: They haven't?

Ben Franklin: Don't listen to the naysayers, Mr. President. I will travel to the moon on a giant kite powered by lightning!

AH: Can't we go five minutes without hearing about your stupid kites?

Sensing that tensions are running high, the president suggests they "decamp" to Planet Hollywood and continue the debate "over some frosty Mooseheads."