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Don’t require voluntarism

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In your Oct. 24 editorial, "A summit worth climbing," you stated the following:

"Utah's elementary school students will be required this fall to do community service work to complete the health curriculum."Your entire editorial lauded this concept and ended with the following words:

"Powell has no problem with the concept nor should anyone else. As he so aptly stated, `They made me do algebra when I was coming along and service is just as important as algebra.' "

This editorial was about "Utah's Volunteer Summit." How can an LDS-owned newspaper support an oxymoron such as "mandatory voluntary service" without going against the entire doctrine of the LDS Church regarding free agency?

Our teachers are being paid by us to teach reading, writing and arithmetic. They have their hands full doing this. How can our school boards go along with this? The PTA organizations should oppose this because it is a job for the parents and the churches.

What if I did not approve of the school's idea of appropriate "service"? Hitler had similar programs such as this. There is a fine line between this type of "voluntary service" and forced labor. Parents, call your schools and educate them.

Mary Lindsay

Salt Lake City