Shoe connoisseurs Imelda Marcos (3,000-plus pairs), Celine Dion (1,000-plus pairs) and Cinderella (half a pair) could be expected to understand the importance of a good pair of shoes in a working woman's wardrobe.

The Utah Valley State College Center for Personal and Career Development understands that, too. So the center has joined with the University Mall Payless ShoeSource to offer shoe vouchers to women returning to the work force who lack the resources to buy a new pair of shoes.The shoe vouchers are available at the Professional Clothing Source, which the center sponsors at the Provo UVSC campus on University Avenue. Women in need can pick up a voucher, then take it to the ShoeSource for a free pair of shoes, said Laurie Bott of the career development center.

Other vouchers are also available for new and used clothing that is donated to the center. The clothing is cleaned, organized by size and style and made available every Thursday between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. For information or to make a donation, call 764-7580.