As strange as it may sound, Lehi Mayor-elect Kenneth Greenwood did not vote for himself when he cast his ballot Tuesday. Instead, Greenwood voted for his opponent, Richard "Rick" Worthen.

Greenwood's vote for Worthen was not cast because he thought Worthen was a better candidate, but because Greenwood wanted to lodge a protest. Someone tried to sling mud at Worthen during the campaign, and Greenwood didn't like it a bit."My vote for him was a statement that I hate this dirt and mudslinging," Greenwood said. If political candidates continue to be subjected to dirty tactics, good people will no longer run, Greenwood believes.

The mudslinging referred to by Greenwood involved the circumstances under which Worthen left his post as the city's Justice Court judge last year. The Judicial Conduct Commission recommended censure for Worthen because of several procedural errors made during his 15 years as the city's lone judge. But Greenwood refused to make an issue of the matter, and he didn't appreciate the fact that someone else did.

In complete but unofficial results, Greenwood, 57, defeated Worthen 1,710 to 1,235.