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Ban school counselors

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In 1963, U.S. SAT scores were skyrocketing. We were a brilliant nation. It seemed impossible to believe that anything would get in the way of those high academic standards. Yet something did and that was a law, called the `Community Mental Health Centers Act." The law opened the door to allow more counselors than ever before to enter our schools.

Counselors slowly started putting the child's attention on how they felt about things instead of what they could achieve through academics. Erosion of academics was slow like drip of water on stone. SAT scores started to slip in 1964. The counselors continued their work, always under the guise of helping. Counselors help did not help.Counselors placed themselves between parent and child as the "authority." Parents were told by counselors, "There is something wrong," or "your child has a problem, but I can't discuss it with you, (the parent) because it is confidential." This is the wedge that splits the rock, that has already been eroded by the drip of water. The counselor has now placed himself between the child and the parents by intimating he knows more about what is good for the child than the parents.

In the meantime, SAT scores are still dropping and the education system has to lower the requirements on the test.

Now these counselors have a very strong foothold, yet there was a time when children went to their parents for answers and even parents went to their parents for answers. The answers may not have always been perfect, but we were a brighter, smarter, more moral country before the infusion of counseling.

Lora Mengucci

Salt Lake City