Traditional psychologists claim we use only 10 percent of the brain's potential. Mostly because we don't know how to use this marvelous gift and have never been taught. Only in recent years have we discovered its mystery and the revelations for its use, and the individual's control over it.

In our brain, there is a cognitive map, likened unto a computer. Only what goes in can be called upon to come out. Our senses are exposed to many happenings, all of which are recorded in our cognitive map, via our sight, smell, hearing, taste, our emotional feelings.To sort out this information exposure requires the ability to discern, meditate and pray. Only then are we likely to make correct decisions. To paraphrase Thomas Edison, "to truly take control of our cognitive library, is a God-like creative genius in the making."

Some pseudo-behaviorists determined to "make man over" practice cognitive dissonance in their effort to transfuse individualism to a collective human family, governed as a one-world body.

This concept reflects Adam Wishaupt's and Sigmund Freud's thinking, Ivan Pavlov's methods, along with Keynesian economic design. All of this is resulting in a manufactured neurotic society of selfishness, ignorance, drugs, violence, civil disobedience and criminal revolution. All of this is imposed on the American people by a conspiratorial oligarchy seeking to establish their satanic "one world order." Their conditional response experimentation is apparent in advertising, entertainment, education, the military, interpretative news reporting and especially by politicians in the highest offices of the land.

During the new year of 1998, let us resolve to cease being outer directed by these unnatural brain washers, and return to the natural laws of God by turning our cognitive map to the highest moral input. Morality is creative and eternal while mind tampering is satanic, divisive and destructive of our innate upward reach and our great American civilization.

James Franklin Rinehart