Next year's Davis County budget allows for a few extras, including a $4 million conference center, a work facility for inmates and a sports arena.

Despite the ambitious projects, what residents won't see is a tax increase built into the new budget adopted Monday by the Davis County Commission.After shuffling some unspent dollars from this year into next year's books and making some other minor revisions, the commission approved a 1998 spending package of $56.2 million, up from $48.5 million from 1997.

The jump, for the most part, represents a $2.5 million infusion of federal money for the construction of a minimum security work-release center for inmates. The new facility will allow low-risk inmates completing jail sentences to go to their jobs during the daytime and spend the night at the center.

Finance Director Steve Rawlings said an additional revision to the budget included an increase from $$45,000 to $60,000 so the sheriff's department can purchase four four-door four-wheel-drive vehicles instead of four pickup trucks with shells.

The budget also allows for the construction a $4 million conference center.