Indiana's Jason Collier has had enough of Bob Knight's coaching style.

Collier, a 7-foot sophomore and former high school Mr. Basketball from Springfield, Ohio, announced Thursday he is leaving IU's program because of a personality conflict with Knight."Certain people can play for him, but not me," Collier told the Springfield News-Sun on Thursday. "I have nothing against the man, but I couldn't adapt to his coaching style.

"I tried different tactics - blocking out the yelling, like people told me to do - but when people yell at you, you take notice. After a lot of that, you just snap."

Collier added that Knight asked him to stay.

"I felt bad for the team, but I had to do what was best for me," he said.

But Knight said Thursday "his decision is in his best interest as well as ours."

Collier attended practice Monday and Tuesday while Knight was out of town, then told Knight Wednesday he was leaving.

"I don't know if you can ever see anything coming, but I don't think I'm surprised by anything anymore," Knight said.

"Collier's a really good kid. I like the kid. I told the kid as recently as Saturday that I really like him. He told me he really wanted to play here and learn to be a really good player and be the best player he could be and had no interest whatsoever in leaving here.

"In this case, only he can really tell you (why he left)."

Collier, who started eight of nine games and averaged 10.7 points this season, is the second player to leave the Indiana team since last spring.