Back-to-back Academy Award winner Tom Hanks doesn't want to be consumed by his work, so he took things kind of easy in 1997.

"I make a comfortable living at it, but I can't say I live and die by the entertainment industry," Hanks says in Entertainment Weekly. "I've been home a lot. I was pretty much with my family all year long."Hanks won his first best acting Oscar for the 1993 film "Philadelphia," followed the next year by repeating for "Forrest Gump." Since then, he made his directorial debut with "That Thing You Do!"

He didn't take the whole year off, working on "Saving Private Ryan" and HBO's "From the Earth to the Moon," but he deliberately cut back on his schedule to get more quality time with his wife and children.

"I had my family with me the whole time," Hanks said. "That the most memorable thing about 1997 because we are still in our child-rearing years. And to not miss out on big chunks of my kids' lives for the first time was really nice."