The Miami Dolphins and New England Patriots wind up the regular season tonight to see where they will play next week.

Both grabbed spots in the playoffs when the Detroit Lions beat the New York Jets 13-10 Sunday. Had the Jets won, tonight's winner would have been in the postseason while the loser would have been finished for the year.Miami coach Jimmy Johnson had said earlier in the week that he hoped his players wouldn't even know the outcome of the Jets game, although he knew that was unrealistic.

"I'd just as soon not know what the Jets do Sunday and I'd just as soon the players not even know what the Jets do," he said.

Johnson evidently peaked at the New York game at least a little; Afterward, he knew his Dolphins were in.

"Making the playoffs this season certainly indicates an improvement from a year ago," he said. In Johnson's first season in Miami last year, the team finished 8-8 and didn't make the playoffs.

"But I told our team at the beginning of the season that our initial goal was to win the division and to go on from there, and that still is our primary focus Monday night."

Tonight's game will decide the AFC East championship - and home field advantage in the first round of the playoffs, which will again match up Miami and New England, both 9-6.