LDS Hospital-

ANDERTON, Elaine and Ned, Tooele, boy, Dec. 24.

CHISHOLM, Melinda and Larry, Bountiful, girl, Dec. 24.

CORIC, Pam, Tooele, boy, Dec. 23.

DARLING, Amber and Aaron, West Valley City, boy, Dec. 24.

HANSON, Julie and Ted, Farmington, boy, Dec. 24.

HAWKES, Sharlene and Robert, Centerville, boy, Dec. 23.

OKEY, Terri and Richard, Midvale, boy, Dec. 23.

ORR, Codi and Damon, Blanding, girl, Dec. 23.

PROFFITT, Jill and Gregory, Park City, boy, Dec. 23.

SWAN, Jacqueline and William, Salt Lake City, girl, Dec. 23.

TENNANT, Stephanie and Joseph, Alpine, girl, Dec. 23.

TORRES, Rebecca and Sergio, Salt Lake City, boy, Dec. 23.

VILLA, Blanca, and LAUDEROS, Guadalupe, Wendover, girl, Dec. 24.

WILSON, Suzette and Carl, Syracuse, boy, Dec. 23.

University Birth Center-

SZOKE, Leslie and Steve, Salt Lake City, girl, Dec. 24.

Utah Valley Regional Medical Center-

ABBOTT, Kirstin and Nelson, Orem, boy, Dec. 17.

BADGER, Kristi and TJ, Provo, boy, Dec. 17.

DUNN, Haley and George, Orem, boy, Dec. 17.

ESCAMILLA, Guadalupe and Jose, Provo, boy, Dec. 16.

FISH, Lisa and Merlin, Spanish Fork, boy, Dec. 17.

GARDOM, Lisa and Brandon, Provo, girl, Dec. 17.

HALL, Elena and Larry, Orem, girl, Dec. 17.

HANDERSON, Janet and Steven, Provo, boy, Dec. 17.

JOHNSON, Krysten and Eric, Provo, girl, Dec. 16.

MONEY, Okju and Boyd, Pleasant Grove, boy, Dec. 16.

MUHLESTEIN, Rebecca and Benjamin, Provo, girl, Dec. 18.

NELSON, Rebecca and James, Provo, girl, Dec. 16.

NORTON, Andrea and Gary, American Fork, girl, Dec. 16.

PEAY, Margo and Christian, Orem, girl, Dec. 17.

QUINLAN, Dy Ann and Derick, Lehi, boy, Dec. 16.

RADFORD, Elena and Wilson, Provo, boy, Dec. 16.

RICHARDS, Candus and Aaron, Provo, boy, Dec. 17.

SAGAPOLU, Norma and Darin, Provo, twins, boy and girl, Dec. 17.

SALOIS, Angela and Ron, Orem, girl, Dec. 16.

SHUMWAY, Trisha and David, Provo, twin boys, Dec. 16.

SIMMONS, Michelle and Kenneth, Payson, boy, Dec. 16.

SMITH, Heidi and Paul, American Fork, girl, Dec. 16.

SMITH, Holly and Abraham, Provo, boy, Dec. 16.

STOLIKER, Teressa and Donald, Provo, girl, Dec. 17.

TIDWELL, Priscilla and David, Orem, boy, Dec. 16.

TRUJILLO, Valerie and Antonio, Payson, girl, Dec. 17.

WARNER, Sharla and David, Orem, girl, Dec. 16.

WINWARD, Kim and John, Lehi, boy, Dec. 17.

ZUNDEL, Cara and Richard, Provo, boy, Dec. 16.

ZUNDEL, Tracy and Michael, Provo, boy, Dec. 18.