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Gaps found in city’s preparedness

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The city's Emergency Preparedness Committee has found at least two major loopholes in the Fruit Heights disaster safety plan and is urging prompt action by the City Council to close the gaps.

One large shortfall the committee found was that in the event of an extended electrical power outage, water pressure east of Mountain Road would be lost. This creates a major problem with fire control in the event of an earthquake or other disaster."We've got a lot of families that will be asking why the fire hydrants don't work," committee member Russell Baker told the council.

The committee would like the city to purchase a backup generator for the water system so water pressure can be maintained.

Another problem is the lack of a backup electrical generator for the city building. This is needed to maintain it as a communications hub for the city.

"We've been asking for a generator for two years," Alan Jor-gen-son, another committee member said. "With no power, it's going to be real tough to lead (the city)."

The committee is looking at keeping the city prepared for at least a 72-hour span with no power.

Marchant believes the city shouldn't purchase one large portable electrical generator and a trailer. Rather, two stationary generators - one for the city building and another for the water pumps - will likely cost about the same.