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7 potential Atlanta blast witnesses identified

SHARE 7 potential Atlanta blast witnesses identified

Within hours of asking for the public's help, tips have helped the FBI identify seven people believed to have been in Centennial Olympic Park just before last summer's deadly bombing.

FBI agent Woody Johnson on Thursday displayed four photographs showing eight people, plus a sketch of another man described by witnesses as being near the site before the bomb went off July 27. One woman was killed and more than 100 others injured.The bomb, in a green military-style knapsack, had been placed under a bench.

By early Friday, calls to an FBI tip line helped investigators identify seven of the nine: three people sitting near the bench, three men walking near the blast site and a man videotaped near the park entrance apparently wearing a military-style backpack.

"We've had an enormous response," FBI spokesman Jay Spadafore said. "We're very gratified."

The sketch and a fourth photo showing another man with what looks like a backpack were not identified.

Agents had already interviewed or scheduled interviews with all seven people, but Spadafore declined to release any information about them.

Johnson said agents are publicizing the sketch and the photos now because of concerns over two recent bombings in Atlanta.