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Lawyer suing Jackson fined $28,350 for hiding evidence

SHARE Lawyer suing Jackson fined $28,350 for hiding evidence

A lawyer suing Michael Jackson was fined $28,350 for hiding evidence from the pop superstar's lawyers during pretrial fact-finding.

The lawyer, Michael Ring, represents five former Neverland Ranch employees who say they were harassed at work and fired wrongfully. He previously was fined $10,000 one month into the trial for an earlier concealment of facts.Superior Court Judge Zel Canter also fined the five plaintiffs $1,500 each for colluding with Ring and being evasive when asked about the evidence, which involved interviews they gave to two writers.

Canter held that Jackson's lawyers lost time and money when they discovered the evidence and had to take further depositions and alter their strategy after the case went to trial in September 1996.

The five former workers at Jackson's Neverland Ranch claimed in their wrongful termination lawsuit that bodyguards threatened them into lying to a grand jury that investigated Jackson for allegedly molesting a teenage boy.