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March madness mounts . . . With the horses lining up for March Madness, it's still a coin toss as the fierce financial fillies fight for Final Four representation. In the early going, Silver has taken the lead for the first time in years as the leaders fell back, but it had no gain this week. Blue Chip missed an easy jumper but is holding on to second, losing $55.23. Usually strong OTC tripped over a cameraman, losing $189.53, which was cheaper than Rodman's loss. Teammate Lipper Mutual posted a $132.24 loss. The saver steeds came off the bench with their usual reliable performances. Money Market Funds rebounded with $9.84, while U.S. bonds and 90-Day CDs kept their teams in the game, posting $8.77 and $8.04, respectively. Lipper International slam-dunked his way to a $74.24 gain, but 30-Year T-Bond fouled out after dropping $276.66. Gold hit a couple from downtown, gaining $223.59, but has yet to achieve star status.