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Deseret News Web site now `showing’ movies

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Now showing on the Deseret News Web site - the movies!

The new attraction debuts today (http://www.desnews.com) and stars theater listings, reviews and a readers' review forum.Looking for a synopsis of the five films contending for Best Picture in tonight's Oscar ceremonies? Boggled by choices at the local video store? Check Hicks on Flicks, a compendium of 1,753 movie reviews by Deseret News movie editor Chris Hicks and staff writer Jeff Vice.

"We think it's one of the largest collections of movie reviews on the Web," said Cory Maylett, director of content and design for the Deseret News Web page.

The section features reviews from 1988 on and includes ratings on films ranging from "Casablanca" to "Priscilla: Queen of the Desert." A search feature allows users to seek movies by key word - an actor's name, subject matter, movie title or director's name, for instance.

Each review includes a list of actors, the Deseret News rating (turkey to four stars) and the content rating assigned by the industry.

"We felt we had some really valuable information in those reviews," said Stewart Shelline, director of information services. "We wanted to make that available to subscribers."

But that's just the beginning of what the Deseret News movie site has to offer. The site features movie listings for Davis, Weber, Utah and Salt Lake counties. Yes! Salt Lake County!

Users can search listings by county, dollar theaters or movie title. For instance, the site will provide a list of all theaters showing "Jerry Maguire" or just the films showing at Trolley Square. The listings also include times and are linked to reviews of currently playing movies.

Moviegoers often have strong opinions about Hollywood's offerings and the Deseret News movie site lets readers be their own critics.

At the readers' review section, visitors to the site can fill out an electronic form with a brief commentary on a film and give it their own turkey or star rating. The reviews are instantly posted to the forum, where other readers can check them out.

You can find the movie page on the Deseret News site's front page or under the feature channel.