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Home phone isn’t public

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When you consider that we have to buy our own telephones, pay for the services and pay to have them hooked up, that makes them our private property. We should not have to put up with all the commercial phone calls trying to sell us something.

The home telephone is not a public phone; it is a private phone. We have a phone installed so that our family, friends and businesses that we choose to give our number to may call us.If we have a TV or radio, then we expect to get advertisements over them because they are sent out over public airways. Door to door sales people do not have the right to just walk into our homes to give us their sales pitch without our inviting them in. When unwanted businesses call us on our private phone, they are not giving us the chance to keep them out of our home and so they are invading our privacy. The telephones in our homes are private communication devices.

It is a terrible thing when you spend your whole life trying to be courteous to all you come into contact with, then you're forced to be rude to the telephone solicitors so you will not be billed for something that you do not want.

Please write to your legislative representatives and let them know how you feel about the unrestricted abuse of our privacy that is coming into our homes on our private telephones.

Larry Mangum