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Rampton’s appointment to UTA board affirmed

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Former Gov. Calvin L. Rampton has been affirmed as the Salt Lake City Council's appointee to the Utah Transit Authority board.

Rampton and the county's nominee, expected to be Jeff Hawker, could be sworn in April 30, ending a long appointment freeze.The Salt Lake County Commission appointed Hawker, a county planning commissioner, Wednesday. Rampton, a three-term governor, was affirmed Tuesday to replace Manuel Romero of South Jordan, whose term ended in August.

A squabble between the city and county over who had the right to make appointments led to a judge's moratorium last fall. Then the Legislature passed an appointments bill, which raised the UTA board membership from 14 to 15.

Besides increasing the board membership, lawmakers gave one appointment to Salt Lake City, two to Salt Lake County's unincorporated area and five to the chief executives of 13 Salt Lake County communities - but with the advice and consent of county commissioners.

Weber and Davis counties continue to get two appointments each, while communities in Utah County retain three seats.

One issue that likely will face the new board is the future of John Pingree, UTA's 18-year general manager.