"It Takes a Village" made the Clintons millionaires, and the tax man is taking his bite: $200,000 in this case.

President Clinton released his family's 1996 tax return this week, showing income of more than $1 million last year, largely because of royalties from Hillary Rodham Clinton's book, "It Takes a Village." They paid $199,791 in federal income taxes. It was the first time the Clintons could be considered millionaires, on paper at least, even though they gave most of the money away.Hillary Clinton isn't the first White House resident to turn over book royalties to charity. Barbara Bush and Eleanor Roosevelt did something similar, while President Eisenhower so cleverly avoided heavy taxes on his book royalties that Congress later acted to close the tax loophole.

The quirky and often humorous tales of presidents and their taxes have been compiled by William D. Samson, an accounting professor at the University of Alabama.

He found that Presidents Reagan, Carter and Bush all were audited by the IRS at some point before they moved into the White House. Most famously, former Vice President Spiro Agnew resigned after pleading guilty to a tax evasion charge, while President Nixon engaged in an epic battle with the IRS over $476,451 in back taxes and interest, which partly led to his resignation from office.

The Clintons reported $1,065,101 in adjusted gross income, of which $200,000 was the president's salary. Royalties from Hillary. Clinton's book totaled $742,852. Of that sum, she donated $590,000 to charity and kept $152,000 to pay the state and federal taxes the Clintons owe as a result of the book royalties.