Soon someone will have experienced the last lap around the Deseret Gym track or a workout on the irons. There will be someone who gets the last haircut or shampoo and set or perhaps a light lunch. The last regularly scheduled racquetball game will have been played. The last swim in the pool or visit to the sauna bath or steam room will be but a memory. The sight of the gym on the hill overlooking downtown Salt Lake City will soon itself be but a memory.

There will be those of us who will remember its original location as part of the old LDS High School campus formerly located where the Church Office Building now stands. Its convenience to businessmen for a handball game at lunchtime or before or after work will only linger as a pleasant memory.Mothers who have taken their children for games and a swim at the gym will miss its convenience. Students at the high school of yesteryear will fondly recall it as their place for gym class during their high school days. The excitement of the state high school basketball tournaments will long linger in the memory of those who were part of those early days of the gym.

The adjacent tennis courts, long gone now, will hold for some their own memories. Even the Gold and Green Balls will long hold romantic nostalgia for some few who still remain as part of that generation.

Few buildings in our valley that have come and gone during nearly the century of the gym's existence will have left a more positive impression on people's lives than will the Deseret Gym. It was a regular stop for some traveling men on their visits to our city, and they will miss it.

Unquestionably the decision to disband it was not an easy one for those whose responsibility it was to announce its demise. But times change conditions, and needs make greater demands on property use as the years move on.

The Deseret Gym, like other buildings of the old high school campus and the block where it now stands, will go down in history as having contributed in a unique way to the pleasure and well-being of generations of participants who came to take it for granted.