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Robbery goes well - until hammer falls

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Apparently fed up with robbers, gas station manager Lee Brewer took a hammer to one Tuesday morning.

A man came in to the Sinclair Service Station that Brewer manages at 900 S. 110 West, wielding a Swiss army knife, about 9:30 a.m. He almost made it out the door with $75 before Brewer, 50, grabbed a nearby hammer and went after him, said Salt Lake Police Lt. Mark Zelig.Brewer told police he had been robbed just a week earlier at the West Central City store, Zelig said. He has managed it for less than six months, a Sinclair official said.

Shawn Cook, who works at a nearby Master Muffler, was pumping gas at the station when he saw Brewer and a man struggling. He helped Brewer detain the person until police, responding to an activated robbery alarm inside the store, arrived.

Officers found Brewer and Cook on top of a man inside the small store. Money, food and spilled soda littered the store's floor where the struggle took place.

Cook's co-workers at Master Muffler weren't surprised the 34-year-old Salt Lake man would jump in and help in a potentially dangerous situation.

"He's a tow-truck driver at night so he's used to running into tight situations," said co-worker Dean Thomas.

The captured man suffered several "whacks" to the head from the hammer, Zelig said. The 38-year-old man was transported to LDS Hospital and later listed in good condition.

Brewer, of Murray, suffered a laceration to his hand during the struggle and was treated at Salt Lake Regional Hospital.