American Fork Hospital-

ADAMS, Vivian, Lehi, boy, April 1.

ANDELIN, Elaine and Brian, Provo, girl, March 28.

ARCHER, Kristina and John, Highland, boy, March 29.

BISHOP, Stacie and Douglas, Lehi, girl, March 28.

BRINKMAN, Curtis and Christine, Pleasant Grove, boy, April 3.

BROWN, Amy and Ivan, Pleasant Grove, girl, March 25.

BYBEE, Sarah and Shad, Provo, boy, March 30.

CALL, Bonnie and Wayne, Alpine, girl, March 26.

CAMPBELL, Steffanie and Shane, Orem, boy, April 1.

CANNON, Christy and Gordon, American Fork, girl, April 2.

CARSON, Melissa and Todd, Lindon, girl, March 26.

DORMAN, Misty and Roger, Orem, girl, March 27.

FOX, Katherine and Cody, Lindon, boy, March 29.

FRIZZELL, Melinda and Paul, Pleasant Grove, boy, March 31.

GUERREO, Terri and Mario, Pleasant Grove, boy, March 31.

GUIVER, Jennifer and Daryle, American Fork, girl, March 27.

KAWAI, Davis and Russel-Paul, Springville, girl, March 31.

KNELL, Gretchen and Abraham, Provo, boy, April 2.

KNIPE, Shawna, Provo, Girl, March 26.

LATIMER, Cynthia and Chad, Orem, girl, March 29.

LEHMAN, Rebecca and James, Provo, boy, March 30.

LEMEN, Jeanne and Paul, Orem, girl, March 28.

LUND, Laura and Scott, Provo, girl, March 28.

McALLISTER, Stephanie and Brent, Springville, girl, March 31.

MCFADYEN, Amanda and Bruce, Orem, girl, March 26.

MILLER, Sandra and Russell, American Fork, boy, March 30.

MITCHELL, Stacey and David, Provo, girl, March 25.

PARTRIDGE, Lori, Orem, girl, April 1.

QUILTER, JaNae and Douglas, Pleasant Grove, boy, March 25.

RODRIGUEZ, Janae and Raymond, American Fork, girl, March 31.

ROGERS, Jodi and Rusty, Provo, boy, March 27.

SEARLE, LeAnne and Jeffery, American Fork, boy, March 31.

SEARLE, Shauna and Gregory, American Fork, girl, March 27.

SIMPSON, Tessa and Douglas, Pleasant Grove, girl, March 29.

THOMAS, Jennifer and Eric, Pleasant Grove, girl, March 27.

ULLERY, Margaret and David, Orem, boy, April 2.

WHITNEY, Tanya and Matthew, Sandy, boy, March 29.

Columbia Ogden Regional Medical Center-

ARCHIBALD, Karen and Blair, Ogden, boy, April 16.

ASTUDILLO, Diane and Julian, South Weber, boy, April 15.

ATKINSON, Tawnya and Robert, Ogden, boy, April 15.

BUCKLEY, Jennifer and Darrin, Ogden, girl, April 15.

CARROLL, Sara and Jason, North Ogden, boy, April 14.

COOPER, Cindi and Dayton, Layton, girl, April 13.

CORDNER, Colette and Ron, Harrisville, girl, April 14.

DRAKE, Brandie and Lyle, Washington Terrace, boy, April 17.

ESPLIN, Shelly and Delyn, Farr West, boy, April 13.

EVANS, Amy and Paul, Ogden, boy, April 17.

FOULGER, Mary and Edward, Ogden, boy, April 16.

HANSEN, Marie and Lon, Hooper, girl, April 15.

McCRACKEN, Laurie and Marc, Layton, boy, April 15.

MILLER, Darcy and Chistopher, Layton, boy, April 13.

MOREY, Ginger and Christopher, Harrisville, boy, April 15.

PETERSON, Vanessa and Douglas, South Ogden, girl, April 13.

PHILLIPS, Penny and Larry, Ogden, girl, April 11.

ROPER, Delana and Stuart, Layton, boy, April 16.

THAYNE, Lesa and Michael, Layton, girl, April 13.

WARD, Lisa and David, Ogden, boy, April 17.

WIDERBURG, Lisa and Gary, Ogden, boy, April 15.

Columbia St. Mark's Hospital-

CLAFLIN, Evonne and Bryon, West Jordan, girl, April 17.

HOKANSON, Anjela, and BROWN, Anthony, Murray, boy, March 21.

TREU, Jody and Jeffrey, Salt Lake City, girl, March 21.

WORSHAM, Lisa and Richard, West Jordan, boy, April 18.

ZENTZ, Angela and Raymond, Tooele, boy, April 18.

LDS Hospital-

BISHOP, Rebecca and Lorin, Layton, boy, April 18.

ERICKSON, Trisha and Gregory, Heber City, girl, April 18.

HILL, Suzanne and Gary, Pleasant Grove, girl, April 18.

KURTZ, Helen and Scott, West Jordan, boy, April 18.

RUSSELL, Julie and David, Kaysville, girl, April 18.

SWENSEN, Michelle and William, Bountiful, girl, April 18.

WEBSTER, Jennifer and Shane, Layton, girl, April 18.

WELCH, Lori and Nathan, Provo, boy, April 18.

McKay-Dee Hospital-

ANDERSEN, Gina and Gregory, Layton, boy, April 17.

AREVALO, Norma and Jose, Ogden, girl, April 17.

BANNER, Jaclyn and Matthew, Roy, boy, April 17.

BENNETT, Darlene and Mark, Hooper, girl, April 18.

CLARK, Thelma and Scott, Ogden, girl, April 17.

GARFIELD, Jodi and Ryan, Pleasant View, boy, April 17.

HUNSAKER, Erin and Glen, Morgan, girl, April 17.

JENSEN, Shelley and Alan, Ogden, girl, April 17.

LONDON, Annette and Lance, Roy, girl, April 17.

MORTENSEN, Claudette and John, Ogden, boy, April 17.

NOBLE, Katie and Paul, West Jordan, boy, April 17.

POTTORFF, Sandra and Todd, Ogden, girl, April 17.

REID, D'on and Joseph, Layton, girl, April 17.

SWEETEN, Michele and Brad, Centerville, girl, April 17.

THORNTON, Stacy and Branden, Bountiful, girl, April 17.

Mountain View Hospital-

AUST, Mary and David, Spanish Fork, girl, April 9.

BUSHMAN, Heather and Frank, Mapleton, boy, April, 10.

FARR, Heidi and Mark, Nephi, boy, April 9.

GOWANS, Dianne and Jerry, Lehi, girl, April 8.

HAACK, Rebecca and Jason, Spanish Fork, boy, April 11.

HOFFMAN, Melodie and Brandon, Pleasant Grove, boy, April 8.

JUDD, Marcie and Greg, Santaquin, girl, April 9.

KELLEY, Sharolyn and Cole, Orem, girl, April 11.

KILLIAN, Jill and Nate, Payson, boy, April 10.

PAYNE, Joey and Jayson, Provo, boy, April 8.

SUMMERS, Aubrey and EVANS, Stephen, Spanish Fork, boy, April 10.

VANBLARCUM, Holly and Eric, girl, April 9.

WHITNEY, Michelle and Cody, Springville, boy, April 6.

WILCOX, Bonnie and Wyatt, Payson, boy, April 7.

WILSON, Maryann and Mark, Spanish Fork, April 9.

WRIGHT, Emily and Eric, Orem, boy, April 8.

University Hospital-

CASTRUITA, Liliana, and ARGUMEDO, Wenseslao, Salt Lake City, boy, April 11.

STOSICH, D. Maria, and RHODES, Karlos, Salt Lake City, girl, April 10.

LUKE, Melissa and Bruce, Heber City, girl, April 7.

UDELL, Jodene, Salt Lake City, girl, April 10.

HARRIS, Yvonne, and NEWSOME, Dermayne, Salt Lake City, boy, April 12.

PEIRCE, Darcie and Darin, West Jordan, boy, April 13.

MAESTAS, Lory, and FLORES, Ruben, Salt Lake City, boy, April 14.

ZAMUDIO, Veronica and Armando, Salt Lake City, girl, April 13.

VIGIL, Monica, West Valley City, girl, April 10.

COURTWRIGHT, Tracy, and RIOLO, Gregory Jr., West Jordan, girl, April 15.

WARNOCK, Sally and Paul, Salt Lake City, girl, April 14.

AGUILAR, Maria, and GOMEZ, Onafre, Salt Lake City, boy, April 14.

HALLMAN, Anita and Joe, Salt Lake City, boy, April 14.

LLOYD, Naomi and James C. Jr., West Valley City, boy, April 14.

Utah Valley Regional Medical Center-

CANNATA, Kristin and Aaron, Poway, CA., boy, April 11.

CHEVRIER, Kristen and Brian, Highland, girl, April 11.

CHILTON, Ami, and CRUTCHFIELD, Eric, Pleasant Grove, boy, April 11.

FILLERUP, Tracie and Jared, Orem, boy, April 10.

FLINDERS, Rebecca and Marcus, American Fork, girl, April 11.

HOWELL, Adonia and Douglas, Elk Ridge, boy, April 11.

INOUYE, LaDean and Aaron, Orem, boy, April 11.

JENKINS, Michelle and Justin, Provo, boy, April 11.

NORTON, Kellie and Eric, Provo, boy, April 11.

PATTER, Valerie and Chad, Orem, girl, April 10.

PHILLIPS, Andrea, and RASMUSSEN, Bejay, Springville, boy, April 10.

ROMELE, Bridget and Tim, Lindon, girl, April 11.

SMITH, Alicia and Jason, Orem, girl, April 9.

ZOLLINGER, Gretchen and Richard, Taylorsville, girl, April 11.