One of the most popular accessories for spring is likely to be that classic but reliable scarf. Echo, one of the better known designers for accessories, is providing an unusual burst of color for the fashionable woman's spring wardrobe.

There are colorful brights, soft pales, rich spice tones or nauticals with a twist. In neckerchiefs, oblongs, or classic squares, Echo is using a modern approach to accent for day or night.The spring palette ranges from Safari Neutrals in stone, khaki, tawny peach, almond, mocha and chambray; Aquatic Pales in blues, greens, corals and periwinkles; Fruit Stand Brights in lemon, lime, orange, kiwi and cherry to Spring Classics in red, navy and khaki mixed with the latest accents of ocean blue, kiwi and coral.

Echo is using the combination of color and pattern to create unique scarfs. Garden scenes, for instance, come in new florals, Victorian, or insects and butterflies. Echo also combines graphic geometrics with classic nauticals - grids, chains and anchors mixed with bold florals to put a modern touch on the traditional.

For the sea lover, Echo takes advantage of the water world with aquatic patterns of fishbowls, whales, seashells and flowing ombre watercolor solids. For fruit lovers, there are lemon and lime slices, strawberries, and superstripes that create sporty, refreshing looks that are the perfect accent for the white shirt.

For the urban dweller, Echo has updated its collection of classics, giving them a safari flavor. Wild animals, maps, bamboo, madras plaids and paisleys are combined with a neutral palette to produce scarves that are elegant and ideal for the slim styles of spring suits.

Echo also offers the best fabrics in rich textures - silk, silk crepe, silk twill, jacquard, washed silk, chiffon and cotton. The most celebrated choice this season is the sheer chiffon - to wrap around bare evening shoulders, drape around the neck or simply tie at the hip.

Others are worn around the neck, around the waist or around a hat as an especially interesting touch, wherever it seems to fit.

Many women are going to be using these scarfs at the beach, the kind with prints of fruits and ocean creatures.

Since 1995, Echo scarves and scarf jewelry have been sold at Laura Ashley boutiques, like the one in Salt Lake City, at Trolley Square. Echo has also acquired some impressive prestige by working with such celebrated institutions as the Smithsonian and The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

For Disney, Echo created several fascinating scarfs to celebrate its live animation movie, "101 Dalmatians," featuring Glenn Close.