Five Davis County Jail inmates have been charged with the attempted rape of another inmate last month.

The 20-year-old victim was grabbed by the other men, sexually abused and threatened with rape, according to court records. A jail guard discovered the men holding down the victim.Jailers reported the attempted rape occurred on March 11.

The victim, who had been in jail for only a few days when the alleged incident occurred, was serving time for a probation violation and other charges. He has since been released.

Among the inmates charged is Todd Jeremy Rettenberger, 18, a suspect in Oct. 29, 1996, shooting death of Motel 6 clerk John Whicker of Kaysville in Woods Cross.

The four other inmates arraigned Friday on kidnapping and sexual abuse charges include Joshua David Carrion, 21, of Layton; Henry William Juarez, 23, of Layton; Jeffrey Steve Pace, 19, of Layton; and David Harold Butler, 23, of Ogden.

A preliminary hearing has been scheduled for April 28.