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There's new proof that Republicans are the party of creative entrepreneurs - the Bob Dole Savings & Loan.

- Experts estimate that on average, 21 toxic spills a day take place in the U.S. And we bet that doesn't even count the stuff our friend Orly drops on the floor from lunches he packs.- "My job is to protect the United States," Mr. Clinton says. He's sort of the nation's Secret Service?

- Being a parent, says Mr. Clinton, is "the toughest job any person can have." Especially if you don't have kids.

- "Our national security," says the president, "depends on strong families, safe streets and world-class education." And enough nukes to level China.

- "We can solve our problems," Mr. Clinton says, "by working together in new and creative ways." Or at least create new problems for our successors.

- "Nations once divided by great gulfs of geography and military rivalry are now linked by surging currents of commerce," says Mr. Clinton. For the Nobel Peace Prize, let's nominate Ronald McDonald.