Joe Giarratano was a thorn in the side of the Utah Department of Corrections. Now, they are rid of him.

A Virgina inmate who protested his move into the Utah system by fasting, Giarratano was sent back to Virginia March 29. He is now incarcerated at a federal prison in Joliet, Ill.Giarratano was serving time in Virginia for a double murder he once confessed to but now says he did not commit. He was involuntarily traded in an interstate compact deal for Utah inmate Eric T. Daniels in September.

Daniels, who is white, wanted to be transferred out of the state. But when he found out Virginia was his destination, he backed out of the deal. Daniels is awaiting trial for capital murder in connection with the race-related stabbing death of a black inmate and wanted to go to a state with a high percentage of white inmates.

By the time Daniels backed out of the deal, Giarratano was already in Utah. While in Utah, Giarratano was held in a maximum security because prison officials said he was uncooperative.

Carol Gnade, director of the Utah chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, said Friday that Giarratano was doing well in the Illinois federal prison.